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COLORBOX offers Social Media Setup services for its clients. For most businesses, and especially businesses who have purchased our SEO Business Blogging Website Package, a Social Media presence is very important. Websites that have acquired a following on social media are favored on search results. For businesses who maintain a blog, social media is the most effective way to broadcast blog posts far and wide.

We help each unique business develop a specific social media marketing strategy which can include some or all of the major social media sites (and minor sites like YouTube, Pinterest or Behance, if applicable). We equip each business we setup with a specific set of posting, scheduling, and monitoring tools depending on their Social Media needs. With these tools, adopting a presence on Social Media should be easy, lucrative, time-efficient and enjoyable.

social media setup


COLORBOX on Facebook
Facebook is a great yet informal way to promote one’s business to friendly audience. You need a personal account to create a Business Page, however the two are not visually linked. Facebook Business Page consists of a news stream and various types of tabs which the audience can use to learn more about your products and services. Setup includes the addition of a business bio and Graphic Design of all headers, logos and tabs.

Facebook Business Page Setup + Branding……. $150 + $100 per add-on tab

social media setup


COLORBOX on Google+
Google+ is similar to Facebook. There are personal profiles and Business profiles, but they are not visually linked together. The business page is associated with Google’s Business Listings, which is an important directory to be listed in for the sake of Google Search results. Setup includes the addition of a business bio and graphic design of headers and logos.

Google+ Business Page Setup + Branding…… $150


social media setup


COLORBOX on Twitter
Twitter is a simple and popular way for individuals and businesses, celebrities and public figures, to subscribe to and share short news snippets from various sources of interest. Setup includes graphic design of header, background and logo.

Twitter Setup + Branding…… $150

social media setup


COLORBOX on Linkedin
Linkedin is a social media outlet geared for professionals. There are both Personal Profiles and Company Profiles, and each require thorough setup because they are clearly linked to each other. Both individuals and businesses can make posts to their pages.

Personal Profile Setup…… $200
Filling in personal resume and adding accomplishments as awards, image portfolios etc.
See COLORBOX’s personal page as an example.

Company Page Setup + Branding….. $200
Includes setup and branding of Company Page, and listing of each product and service offered. Graphic design of various headers and product thumbnails.

Social Media Setup

Social Media 4-Pack

$650 + $100 per additional Facebook Tab

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