Printed Apparel / Gear

Promote your business with custom printed apparel and gear. We can print something as simple as your logo, logos and graphics, or for those who wish to create a new brand of clothing, we can procure a variety of artists and illustrators of a particular style who can create original works of art exclusively for your print. We would create the proper print files from that art. We can also refer you to a variety of good quality wholesale apparel sources.


Bacardi Rum + Bret Boards Hawaii

Bacardi + BretBoards teamed up to produce a series of Stand-up Paddle Boards for giveaway and display at high traffic restaurants around Hawaii. These surfboard graphics were printed on silk (or alternatively on rice paper) with a large-format printer, then embedded within the fiberglass during the surfboard lamination process.

Sailor Jerry Rum + Bret Boards Hawaii

Sailor Jerry + BretBoards worked with a local restaurant to produce a set of longboards for display at entrance + above the bar. This project involved vectorizing small graphics with accuracy in order to create non-pixelated images at such large dimension.

bretboards hawaii graphics


Planning out a Printed Apparel + Gear Project with COLORBOX

Contact us anytime, anyway with questions or ideas.
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