Print Design

Honolulu Graphic Design
The following menu design features an abstract Japanese woodblock print by the late Toshi Moshida, entitled “Seashore” overlaid with a fisherman and his fish, in lustrous metallic foils.
COLORBOX creates packaging, brochures, menus + signage, booklets, catalogs, stickers, stationery, business cards, ad spots for magazines + web, promotional gear and more. We design with a wide range of materials, printing and packaging techniques and print for a variety of applications. If you are looking for a specific artistic flavor, we can research and collect a range of artists with styles that fit your needs. We can arrange for licensed use of existing pieces, or commission them to produce original pieces of work exclusively for your business.
Printed Products
Stationery Design – $200 to $500
Depending on items in set. May also include envelopes, folders, folios, etc. Printing costs additional.
Packaging Design – $150 to $1000
Depending on methods: labels vs print on packaging. Consultation also includes creative packaging materials and methods recommendation.
Posters and Large Format Prints – $150 to $700
Depending on intricacy. Large format prints include banners, surfboard art, window graphics etc.
Menu + Brochure Design – $300 to $1000
Depending on Complexity and number of pages. Professional copywriting services also available.
Ads for Web + Print – $100 to $300
Includes postcards and flyers.
CAD / Technical Drawings – $150 to $800
Schematics and product diagrams, assembly instructions etc.