Product Manufacturer

MAGIGLIDE Rebrand: “One of the Best Products of 2010” – Architectural Record.

The MAGIGLIDE® SmartWall System was rebranded in 2010 in their 45th year of production. By analyzing the product’s virtues within the context of today’s building practices, we were able to reintroduce the MAGIGLIDE line – rebranded as the MAGIGLIDE SmartWall System – as one of the hottest new products for modern architecture. That year, Architectual Record featured MAGIGLIDE in their annual Product Reports.




MAGIGLIDE was an outstanding product with severely under realized market potential. Fifty years ago, a three-generation, family-run Chicago millwork manufacturing company keenly recognized the need to supply a better quality bi-fold closet door system to the large-scale residential housing market, engineered specifically for superior durability to meet the demands of the more abusive housing sectors. Over the decades the product quietly prevailed, through reputation alone, in the market-rate and affordable housing sectors in a limited number of US cities.

The manufacturing company lacked basic marketing and technical materials, had no marketing strategy, a sales force that was inefficient and almost nonexistent, their product image was plain and outdated, and the company had no young blood interested in supplying vision or carrying the torch.

Although, the company’s high-output plant used a very simple computerized manufacturing process which also allowed them to accommodate custom-sized openings with no additional effort. This, coupled with their patented engineered hardware system, made this product exceptional in more ways than was ever intended.

The product has been re-branded from every direction, leveraging eight new market sectors with newly-realized value engineering capabilities, design capabilities and iconic marketability, supported by the latest web technology for effective promotion and distribution of product information.

On the operation end, third-party installation teams have been partnered with, shipping logistics have been explored, new panel materials have been proposed for testing, and relationships with industry-leading developers and architects have been built and solidified.The seeds have been planted in cities around North America, and noteworthy deliveries have been secured in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.



Marketing Strategy


Expanded Product Applications

Thorough analysis of the unique, inherent characteristics of the product resulted in fresh new product applications, effectively doubling the average quantity sold per project.


Expanded Product Market

Repositioned the product for mixed-use, lofts & urban infill, condo hotels, LEED, and luxury hi-rise applications, effectively expanding the product line to nearly all sectors of the large-scale housing market.


Fresh Marketing Campaign

Developed a multi-faceted marketing campaign targeting the specific needs of architects, developers, property managers. Produced complete marketing packages for each of the target professions, with hard copy and electronic versions.


Targeted Price Point

Identified significant value-engineering opportunities thorough cost analysis of the competition.


Product Re-branding

Crafted an iconic appeal for use by more modern, high-end Architects and Developers.


Graphic Design

Designed logos, icons, configuration scenarios, renderings, diagrams and directed field photography.


Product Expansion Strategy

Searched for viable opportunities to expand the available hardware, panel and surfacing options and upgrades.


Product Documentation

Constructed technical documents such as measuring & ordering worksheets, options + upgrades lists, CAD files, installation instructions, and CSI specifications.


Corporate Web Design

Built website as an interactive resource for product information. Visitors can request quotes, view installation, and easily forward product info to their colleagues and clients.


Print + Web Ads

Prepared ad campaigns geared for trade publications and other high-impact mediums.