Our Craft

You are an entrepreneur of some sort, operating with great passion. The idea of sharing your expertise with the world wildly excites you. At some point, it’s best to stop for a moment and breathe, and recognize the charms of your own story, because it is the graceful expression of your story that will allow the world to fully experience the passion you have for your craft.

COLORBOX Branding Studio specializes in telling stories. We listen. Then we uncover, extract, illuminate, carve and acutely focus the uniqueness of your ideas and experiences… then using color, texture, composition, pattern, typography, photography and authentic materials, we craft a story that it is clear, compelling, and unmistakably yours. This is what is called “Branding”. Branding allows your audience to experience you.

Explore our Art of Branding collection, where you can see examples of outstanding visual storytelling from around the world. Then get to know our Curated Artists, and imagine their help in telling your story. After that, see how COLORBOX has helped clients win awards within their industry.

From your storyboard of colors, fonts, textures and materials… we create logos, websites, product packaging, product documentation, brochures, stationery, hang tags, wall decals, restaurant menus, storefront signage, assembly diagrams, bound books, printed apparel and gear… We even brand all your social media channels, and teach you ways to communicate your story naturally, on the most appropriate channels for your niche.

Lifestyle or product shoots are available for those interested in documenting their story under the artistic umbrella of COLORBOX Branding Studio. COLORBOX is located at the heart of Hawaii’s storied North Shore, a wild stretch of beach 40 minutes from Honolulu, vivid with surf culture, chock full of natural beauty, and all the media and production crew one could ask for.

Don’t forget to follow COLORBOX on your social media of choice to keep up with our Art of Branding Blog, new artists, and latest projects. Our instagram feed is where you can get a taste of what life is like for us out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, playing with the waves………………………… Contact us!