COLORBOX SEO Blogging Package

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There are three very strong benefits for any business to maintain a blog:
1. Strong SEO. Search Engines heavily favor websites that are regularly updated with blogs.
2. Consistent social media presence. Blogs are terrific way to regularly promote your business far and wide.
3. Shameless self-promotion. Customers are more welcome to receive helpful information than direct ads.
While your line of business may not seem blog-friendly at first, we can find opportunities to provide your visitors with valuable “parallel” information that supports your line of business. For example, those visiting a bike rental website wouldn’t be particularly interested in the newest bikes added to the inventory. However, visitors would get excited to read blog entries highlighting special local places to take their bike once they rent it. Contact us to discuss creative ways to make blogging work for your business. COLORBOX SEO Business Blogging Websites provide all the features of the COLORBOX Basic Business Website, with the addition of the following tools:

Post Scheduling
This feature allows you to schedule the date and time of each publication, allowing you to coincide publications with high-traffic times on facebook and twitter. This tool also gives the author flexibility to write posts as he or she has time, and schedule publishing for later.

Social Media Auto-Posting
New posts to your website will be automatically posted to all your social media channels.

SEO Tuning Tool
Advanced SEO Blogging Package features a comprehensive user-friendly SEO tool which allows you to customize your business description for Google, Yahoo, Bing. It also customizes the description which appears when people share your site on Facebook and Google+. Our SEO tool also rates your copy according to how well SEO-tuned it is. Each criteria is listed and explained, making it easy for you to tune each new post to perfection so it is as appealing as possible to search engines.

SEO Tuning Tool: Optimize Each Post’s Content
SEO Blogging Guide

Customize each Post’s Google, Yahoo + Bing search engine results
SEO website tuning tools

SEO Social Media tool